Terms and conditions


1. Subject to conditions set down in item 3, Castle Design and Publishing will endeavour to publish adverts in the form and size requested by the customer.

2. Castle Design and Publishing has an unconditional right at its sole discretion to refuse to accept any material for publication or distribution without giving any reasons.

3. Castle Design and Publishing reserves the right and the customer authorises Castle Design and Publishing to modify or vary an advert, publish an advert on a different page or date or not publish an advert.

4. Copyright of artwork designed by Castle Design & Publishing remains with Castle Design & Publishing and artwork cannot be copied and used unless paid for in full.

5. Except where an advert is not published, the exercise of any right under item 3 will not remove or detract from the customer's duty to pay for the publication of the advertisement in question.

6. Verbal bookings must be confirmed by email. No responsibility can be accepted for any error or omission in copy received via the telephone.

7. The customer will indemnify Castle Design and Publishing and its employees against all claims, actions, damages, demands, cost and expenses that may arise from the publication of an advert placed by the customer.

8. All advertising to be paid for on booking by credit/debit card or by 9th of the month prior to publication of advert if agreed between Castle Design and Publishing and the customer.

9. A customer cancelling an advertisement must do so by 10th of the month before publication and will be charged a 20% cancellation fee. 

10. Castle Design & Publishing shall not incur any liability to the Customer for any delays, cancellation or cessation of delivery of the Bulletin due to or arising out of circumstances beyond its control (which shall include but not be limited to fire, flood, civil unrest, sabotage and industrial action).

11. Castle Design and Publishing makes no representation as to the truth, accuracy or sufficiency of any advertisement or any description, photograph or statement therein.